Thursday, December 25, 2014

Consume Me

"Consume me. and let there be light."

(Picture and quote courtesy of Sean Nebblett's instagram)

Staring at Christmas lights (they are too pretty not too) before at the end and beginning of each day. Devotions by candle and Christmas light.
It's the same resounding thought. 

Just... #Yes. Consume me. Burn me up. Just let it give Light to some dark heart. 

- - - -

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2014


It was a foggy day. Actually, it'd been foggy all week. Normally I would like the fog. But this time, I had wanted snow--lots of it. I had wanted it every day this week.

But instead of snow He gave fog. It was beautiful. But because I wanted snow so much, I couldn't enjoy the fog. I was too busy wishing for what He hadn't given to enjoy what He had given.

I wonder many other gifts I miss because I'm too busy focusing on what He hasn't given? A sweet text from a friend. Frost. Sunshine.

It's time I focus more on thanking Him for what He has given and less on wishing for those which  He has withheld.

Friday, October 31, 2014

His Power in Darkness

[Jeremiah 13]

He's seen all their sins, their adulteries, their shame. 

And yet He begs... "Will you be made clean? When?"

He had made this people to be a glory to Him and a praise to His name. To be with Him forever.

But they turn away. They won't listen to Him. They think they're strong. They don't see their need. 

He pleads and He warns. If they do not change. He will have to punish them. But only as much as is necessary for them to see their weakness and His strength. 

Because His glory shines best in darkness;
His power seen best in the night.