Saturday, January 18, 2014

How Much Are You Willing To Give?

I'm afraid to invite them over because I don't know what they'll do." I'm sure you've heard similar phases about certain people. Sometimes they are unfounded. Sometimes they are legit worries. But every time I hear it it makes me ask myself a deep question:

How much am I willing to give to show them love?

Really, how much? Am I willing to risk their disapproval? Their rumors? Or worse? 

But then, I stop to consider the consequences of not showing them love, even when it involves taking risks. What if they're this way because they've never really been given true love? What if no one else gives it to them? Will they ever be able to believe or accept God's love? What if I reject them, like others?

And what if they hurt me? That's ok. Chances are, they'd do it anyway, whether I showed them love or not.

And then there's the others, the ones who require a lot of time. The ones who try to hide by acting indifferent or rejecting my efforts. And what about the slow ones? Do I really believe they are worth my time, energy, and unceasing efforts? Yes. With all my heart. 

And then I know:

I will gladly give everything I can, and then a little, to show others love. To give them a chance. I will willingly risk being hurt time and again, just for the chance to see them find a friend in Jesus. 

"How can we reach a world we never touch? How can we show them Christ if we never show them love? Just to say we care will never be enough. How can we reach a world we never touch?"

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