Sunday, January 22, 2012

How Many of Us Really Know God?

How many of us truly know Christ? Most of us think we know Him. But how many of us really know Him?

Many of us have grown up in good Christian families. We've been in church our whole lives. We've lived lives of moral integrity. When we were little, we learned that the answer to nearly every question is Jesus. In Sabbath school we learned that if we memorized enough verses we would get a lollipop or a packet of stickers. As we grew older, we learned how to please the godly adults around us by saying "Jesus is number one." or wearing WWJD bracelets. We appeased our parents by going to youth group every week, listening to Christian music, going to Christian camps or summer mission trips, and maybe even cracking our Bibles happen every now and then. We lived good Christian lives. We went to Christian schools. We have great Christian friends, listen to inspiring messages, sing passionate songs, and even read plenty of Christian books. But how many of us truly know Christ?

All of this is good. I'm not saying we shouldn't be doing it. But what good does it do if we don't truly know Christ? There's a huge difference between knowing about God, and knowing God.

Knowing Christ in like this is not easy. But I'd rather have a meaningful, victorus life than an easy one. And so, I've made a decision. I'm through with just knowing about God. I want to know Him.