Wednesday, July 30, 2014

His Glory Shines Best in Brokenness

Pain, brokenness... These are things we normally try to avoid. But are they really to avoid?

A little boy's lunch, broken with Christ's own hand, become enough to feed 5,000 men (not including what wife and kids ate).

A hurting girl, hurting others in an attempt to avoid her own pain, become Jesus' closest friend. And the brokenness of her past became the greatest backdrop for the work Love did in her. 

A broken bottle of expensive tears,
A broken body hanging on a tree,
These became the most beautiful and precious things to us (and God). The reason we live. The reason we can have life more abundant. 

And when I let Him break me, it is beautiful. It produces something valuable. And the pain and brokenness of the past become the greatest backdrop for His glory in my life. 

His glory shines best in brokenness.

May I always remember not to run away from or hide from pain and brokenness.