Sunday, October 30, 2011

    Christ saw in Jerusalem a symbol of the world hardened in unbelief and rebellion, and hastening on to meet the retributive judgments of God. The woes of a fallen race, pressing upon His soul, forced from His lips that exceeding bitter cry. He saw the record of sin traced in human misery, tears, and blood; His heart was moved with infinite pity for the afflicted and suffering ones of earth; He yearned to relieve them all. But even His hand might not turn back the tide of human woe; few would seek their only Source of help. He was willing to pour out His soul unto death, to bring salvation within their reach; but few world come to Him that they might have life.
    The Majesty of heaven in tears! the Son of the infinite God troubled in spirit, bowed down with anguish! The scene filled all heaven with wonder. That scene reveals to us the exceeding sinfulness of sin; it shows how hard a task it is, even for Infinite Power, to save the guilty from the consequences of transgressing the law of God. Jesus, looking down to the last generation, saw the world involved in a deception similar to that which caused the destruction of Jerusalem. The great sin of the Jews was their rejection of Christ; the great sin of the Christian world would be their rejection of the law of God, the foundation of His government in heaven and earth. The precepts of Jehovah would be despised and set at nought. Millions in bondage to sin, slaves of Satan, doomed to suffer the second death, would refuse to listen to the words of truth in their day of visitation. Terrible blindness! strange infatuation! (The Great Controversy, 22-23).

There's so much I could comment on in those two paragraphs... 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pulled in Two Directions

"Lord, what should I do? What do You want me to do?"

To go, or not to go...which should it be? I've been asked about going canvassing for a month with a few of my friends this winter. In some ways, I want to go. In other ways, I want to stay. Are my reasons for wanting to go, good, valid reasons? Are my reasons for wanting to stay, good, valid reasons? Which ones are the best? 

Uncertainty. Questions. Evaluations.
I still don't know, and I don't like the uncertainty of it. Others are waiting for my answer.
Which will it be?

Lord, I need wisdom. I need to know Your will in this, please.