Thursday, August 28, 2014

For the Sake of One

[Jeremiah 5]

Even after all this sin and adultery, all their broken promises all the times they broke His trust, even after they refuse to return... Yes, even after all that, God turns to Jeremiah and says, "Run to and for," search, "and see if you can find one man--one man that excuteth judgement and seeks the Truth, and I will pardon it."

Pretty simple. Shouldn't be too hard, right? Wrong. But why is is so hard to find one man like this when there should be thousands?

Because they refused the correction of The Lord.

But what strikes me even deeper than the challenge to be "this man or woman" is the heart of God. 

Even after all the times they'd hurt Him, He still can't bear the thought of giving them up. And so He will spare them all for the sake of just one. 

Never underestimate the power of one life wholly committed to following God. 

Not a Full End

[Jeremiah 4]

They've lived in sin and shame so thick it covered them. Their confusion is great too. They've hardened their hearts. And in this state He calls to them "If thou wilt return, return unto Me. Put away your sins. Acknowledge the Lord's goodness. Break up your hard, fallow heart. And remove the weeds, that His plants may grow there. Circumcise your hearts. Cut away the layers, right down to the very heart. Because I love you and don't want to have to destroy you with the sin." 

God is not angry at me, but at my enemies. They must be destroyed. But I still have a chance. If I will but raise the standard, set my face toward Zion, and march, I will be saved. 

But too often I believe the twisted world saying that my enemies are my friends and He is my enemy. And so, even though He must destroy, He will not make a full end. He will destroy my enemies, open my eyes, and come rescue me. 

What love...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Indominatible Love

[Jeremiah 3]

A lone figure, standing on the porch. Straining His eyes. Yes, He sees her. She's out under a tree, this woman He longs to spend the night with. She's with someone else. Someone who can never really love her. He'll wait for her, as always. This relationship can't last long. 

A Covenant of Love...Broken

[Jeremiah 2]

This bride was to be very special one. Vows exchanged, a covenant established.  A covenant of love. 

But then something went wrong. Seriously wrong.

This bride, who was to be a holiness to The Bridegroom, disgraced His name.

Unfaithful to her Husband (Who loves her with an unequal-able love and never once broke His end of the covenant), she heads out to try to find fulfillment in other "lovers".

She goes from one to another. Ashamed when found, back at it when opportunity comes. Unresponsive to correction. 

She rightly deserves to be cast off. But This Groom isn't ready for that, yet. 

Despite all this He loves her still. He pleads for her to come back. And He trusts her again. without equal. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Antidote to Fear

Fear confuses and breaks us (literally or figuratively), and causes discouragement and dismay. Which is why Satan uses it so much, especially on those who are doing a great work for God. The antidote? A calling. 

Because if I was called, than this has been part of God's plan for me from the beginning. 
And it I was called (by God), then I can be sure He will be with me and fight for me. 
And though all may come against me, I am a victor because He is. 
And if God is with me, though I appear all alone, I really have the stronger army on my side.
And even though in my own eyes I am very weak (as I am), to my enemies I appear invincible because He is. 

And though they may hurt me, they cannot destroy me. He will deliver.