Friday, September 19, 2014

The Only Things Worth Pursuing

[Jeremiah 9]

They've pursued many things. Refused to let go of their sin. And yet, they re missed the whole thing. 

Because the only things worth pursuing and clinging to (with white-knuckled fists) are a knowledge of God and His character. 

Everything else is just a distraction. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Cost of Disobedience

[Jeremiah 11]

We often look at it has a little thing. And yet, it so easily grows into a big thing that we can't call it a little thing. 

It's disobedience. 

We let kids get away with not obeying in the little things. We let ourselves get away with not obeying in the little things. And thus we establish habits of disobeying and ignoring God's commands till we do it in everything. 

The children of Israel tried that too. 

And it cost them their freedom, land, belongings, reputation...everything. God won't hear their prayers or even prayers for them. He can't bear the thought of giving them up, yet unless they heed His warnings He will have to.

All because of disobedience. 

No one try tell me obedience doesn't matter. 

But the question begs to be asked: Why does it matter so much?

It matters because it allows God to fulfill His promises in our lives. God can't keep His promises in our lives if we don't obey. 

To Walk In His Footprints

[Jeremiah 10]

It is not in man to direct our steps. 

We need Someone wiser to lead us and gently correct us when we go the wrong way. 

And that Someone wiser is God. 

Don't be afraid to walk in His footprints. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


[Jeremiah 8]

There He is, sitting on the porch again. Eyes searching to and fro, ears strained to catch the faintest call. He's waiting. Eagerly. Attentively. Hopefully. 

They've rejected Him and His rules.
The One Who only ever loved them and sought their best.

But He's waiting.
He hasn't changed a bit. 

But they have. And for the worse. They aren't even ashamed of their sin. They can't see it. They claim to be wise, but what wisdom is in this course?

None. Absolutely none. 

He will have to destroy them. But He will save the wise, the obedient ones, and give them the land. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How Can I Give You Up?

[Jeremiah 7]

Even now He's pleading for them to return to Him. Warning them of the sure result of their course. Calling them back...

"How can I give thee up...?"

He's tried again and again, but they would not hearken. Now He will cast them off. And not even Jeremiah's prayers or interceding for them can change it. "Seest thou not how they sacrifice unto other gods, and worship them that they may provoke me to anger? Do they provoke me to anger? ... Do they not provoke themselves to the confusion of their own faces?"*

They've disobeyed, ignored, and forsaken God for many years. Trading Him instead for illusions of gods and their own evil pleasure. And now, they have a screwed picture of God. They're confused. 

They don't know God, they don't know themselves, and they don't know their other gods. 

Confusion is the sure result of trading the true and living God for life-less gods and selfish pleasure. 

Let's learn from them.

*See Jeremiah 7:17-19.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Sentence

[Jeremiah 6]

They've crossed the line. Iniquity abounds.
They claim a false healing. 
They're oppressed and they know it not.

"Gather out the remnant," God says. He's tried. Time and again. They won't listen. And now He will try them again. It will be harder this time. Though it pains His heart, He will pour out His fury; Jeremiah will watch and give the sentence. 

Reprobate silver. Worthless. Corrupt. Fit only to be cast off and rejected. 

Certainly not the sentence I'd like to have, yet do I heed His warnings and hearken to His Voice? That's the only way to avoid it. 

They didn't want it either, but by neglecting obedience in the little things, carelessly casting aside His warnings, they headed down the wrong path and this? This was the result.