Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rejected, but not rejected

Jesus ate with the rejected. The oppressed (and the oppressers). The sinful and dirty. The "bad people" according to His church.

We claim to be His followers, to be like Him. But do we do the same? Do we welcome the outcasts, or do we reject them? Do we show love to the oppressed? Perhaps go the extra mile to set them free even?

The Jewish nation was God's church at that time. They made the same claims we do, yet they were far too busy being "good" themselves to take time to help someone else. And leaders? They outright rejected them. And the "church members"? They went along with their leaders, never questioning their course. And so those who sinned were rejected. Outcast. Left alone.

But Jesus ate with them. 

Jesus ate with them because of love. 

And what of us? Whose example are we going to follow?

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