Friday, February 14, 2014

Of Bible Memory and Temptations and Fulness

"Memorize a whole book of the Bible? That's great! Something we need to do more of. ... But I don't think I'll join. What if...?"  Those were my thoughts when I first read about the challenge to memorize Acts in preparation for GYC 2012. But I couldn't get the idea out of my mind, and after thinking it through farther I decided it'd not hurt to give it a go and joined. Little did I know how life-changing that little choice would be.

Fast forward 2 years to January 21st, 2014. An email. But more than an email, an invitation. To memorize Mark and Philippians in preparation for GYC 2014/15. "I'd love to do that, but I don't have time this year. I still have Acts and Revelation to finish and 300+ verses to review. I'm just too busy this year to even keep up, let alone start another challenge." 

"But those are two of your favorite books. How could you pass up an invitation like that?"

And so the "war" continued. Do I take it up or no?

Finally desire won. I decided to give it a go, and if I couldn't do it that'd be ok. But I'd at least do what I could...

Groups joined. Chapters added. (Using ScriptureTyper for those who haven't been informed of this wonderful tool). One verse sections? Let's see how this goes. Well, it turns out one verse sections are the best. So short they're easy to master, and then it doesn't affect my accurancy, unlike the other short 2-3 verse sections I've done. I was liking this. Sure, there were (are) days when I couldn't get to it. But catching up hasn't been a problem yet. I can easily do 4-6 verses in both books a day if I've got time, and since 2-4 is all I need to do I just doing a couple extra when I can is no bigy. 

And then one day was hit me. Sitting in the car, wondering why I had been struggling so much with certain things and how the temptation suddenly wasn't as strong. It came like a flash of lightening. "Since you started memorizing again, your life as been so much more fulfilling and satisfying. And, as I recall, this has happened every time you've been memorizing with this group. But when you stop, that fulfillment and satisfaction vanish and you find yourself struggling again. You go to these other, lesser things to find the satisfaction that can only come from a scripture satiated life." Hmm. And I hadn't even stopped reading or studying the Bible, only memorizing it. And this affect? I think there's something about memorizing scripture that you can't get any other place. Not even by reading or studying it. 

And so if you have not already done so, I encourage you to join this years memory challenge. Even if you aren't going to GYC. You don't have time? Make time. You'll make time for something: will it be Christ or Satan, Bible memorization or lesser distractions? It will change your life. And remember its not so much about the amount but the journey. 

And to those who have already taken it up, I encourage you. Keep working. It's worth it. 

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