Sunday, March 23, 2014

What if I give all?

"'What if I give all?'
'My child, a gift like that could change the world.'"

They were a long ways from any town, out in some beautiful place in creation. And had been for quite some time--3 days (if that can be counted as quite some time). Gripped. They saw this "strange" Man heal sick, restore sight, restore wholeness. And they were fascinated. So fascinated, in fact, that they forgot to eat! For 3 days. And now, this Teacher, this Man, unlike any they'd ever seen before, He was going to move to a different place. But first He thought of the people gathered there--more than 4,000 of them. He must not send them away without first feeding them physical food. Some had many miles to travel. He compassion was aroused... And so He called His disciples to Him, and said, "Give ye them to eat."

Pause with me for just a moment. Lets remember, this boy, he wasn't a grown man--he was a growing man. He had been there 3 days too, I'm sure. Hadn't touched the lunch his mother had packed for him. But when the disciples came to see what they could find for food, he gave all. 

Switching back, when Jesus told His disciples "Give ye them to eat," they said, "we don't have enough, and not could we even buy enough." Little did they know that their need gave room for God to show His power. Their need was their greatest gift.

But Jesus didn't just say "Alright, I guess we can't." He told them to go see what they could find. And so, off they went. And they came to this little boy, who said He'd give his lunch--every bit of it--to this new teacher He'd just been hearing and watching. It was small; he knew; but it was his all. And it was enough. 

The disciples brought the small lunch to Jesus. "This is all we could find," they said, wondering how such a little bit could feed such a big multitude. But Jesus accepted the gift with thanks. He took it in His hands, and looking up into heaven, offers a prayer of thanksgiving over it. All is calm. All is whole. But the food couldn't feed the multitude in that state, and breaks it. And breaks it some more. Making little pieces multiply until there's enough for everyone. And all are feed and filled, by a boy's all, given to Jesus to be blessed and broken. And the boy who gave his all? he ate too. 

And so I learn, that to give all, to be "blessed and broken", is the only way to satisfy the heart needs of a hurting world.

He was just a boy
For school he was the age
This Teacher he had heard about
Was now right near his home
And as his friends told of the love 
That this "new" Teacher had
In his heart there kindled deep
A desire to see this Man
And so he said, "Mommy,
May I go and see this Man
Of Whom so much is said?"
She blinked the tears 
But looking down into his face
"Yes" was the only thing
She found the strength to say
She packed a lunch
And sent him off
Little knowing 
It'd be three days
Before she'd see him again
Oh, he found the Teacher to be all He'd said and more
Oh, and more
He didn't eat for interest
Until that fateful day
They'd been three days, no food
Far from any town
And Jesus, filled with love and mercy
To His disciples said
"Give ye them to eat"
"We don't have enough," the argued,
"And besides, to buy enough,
That we never could
In a place like this."
Oh but Jesus answered
"Give them food, ye must."
All the while never did
The disciples realize
That their need was their greatest gift
Their need was their greatest gift
On the Master went
"What have ye to give?
Find who has the gift
I need to use right now."
Off they went
But all they found
Was a little boy
Willing, none the less
To give to Jesus all his lunch
Jesus smiled, took the gift, and looking up to heaven
Blessed and broke the lunch
Until there was enough 
To feed a multitude
Of hungry people
And then, all a start
I realize anew
That boy, He is myself
And his lunch, my life; my heart
The multitude, the hurting world
Begging to be filled
Begging to be filled
When I give myself to Jesus
Let Him bless then break me
Yes, let Him break me
Only then
Can my life be used
To feed a multitude
To feed a multitude

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