Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Sentence

[Jeremiah 6]

They've crossed the line. Iniquity abounds.
They claim a false healing. 
They're oppressed and they know it not.

"Gather out the remnant," God says. He's tried. Time and again. They won't listen. And now He will try them again. It will be harder this time. Though it pains His heart, He will pour out His fury; Jeremiah will watch and give the sentence. 

Reprobate silver. Worthless. Corrupt. Fit only to be cast off and rejected. 

Certainly not the sentence I'd like to have, yet do I heed His warnings and hearken to His Voice? That's the only way to avoid it. 

They didn't want it either, but by neglecting obedience in the little things, carelessly casting aside His warnings, they headed down the wrong path and this? This was the result. 

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