Thursday, August 28, 2014

Not a Full End

[Jeremiah 4]

They've lived in sin and shame so thick it covered them. Their confusion is great too. They've hardened their hearts. And in this state He calls to them "If thou wilt return, return unto Me. Put away your sins. Acknowledge the Lord's goodness. Break up your hard, fallow heart. And remove the weeds, that His plants may grow there. Circumcise your hearts. Cut away the layers, right down to the very heart. Because I love you and don't want to have to destroy you with the sin." 

God is not angry at me, but at my enemies. They must be destroyed. But I still have a chance. If I will but raise the standard, set my face toward Zion, and march, I will be saved. 

But too often I believe the twisted world saying that my enemies are my friends and He is my enemy. And so, even though He must destroy, He will not make a full end. He will destroy my enemies, open my eyes, and come rescue me. 

What love...

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