Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Covenant of Love...Broken

[Jeremiah 2]

This bride was to be very special one. Vows exchanged, a covenant established.  A covenant of love. 

But then something went wrong. Seriously wrong.

This bride, who was to be a holiness to The Bridegroom, disgraced His name.

Unfaithful to her Husband (Who loves her with an unequal-able love and never once broke His end of the covenant), she heads out to try to find fulfillment in other "lovers".

She goes from one to another. Ashamed when found, back at it when opportunity comes. Unresponsive to correction. 

She rightly deserves to be cast off. But This Groom isn't ready for that, yet. 

Despite all this He loves her still. He pleads for her to come back. And He trusts her again. without equal. 

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