Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Antidote to Fear

Fear confuses and breaks us (literally or figuratively), and causes discouragement and dismay. Which is why Satan uses it so much, especially on those who are doing a great work for God. The antidote? A calling. 

Because if I was called, than this has been part of God's plan for me from the beginning. 
And it I was called (by God), then I can be sure He will be with me and fight for me. 
And though all may come against me, I am a victor because He is. 
And if God is with me, though I appear all alone, I really have the stronger army on my side.
And even though in my own eyes I am very weak (as I am), to my enemies I appear invincible because He is. 

And though they may hurt me, they cannot destroy me. He will deliver. 

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